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ancillotti motorcycles azienda italiana costruttrice moto Logo marchio storico dal 1967 Ancillotti Scarab Motor Cycles brand Made in Italy Firenze

The Ancillotti's Historic Register and the Club Ancillotti Scarab (ASD without legal personality) was born from the passion of Alfredo Gramitto Ricci, one of the biggest italian colletors of Ancillotti's motorcycles. The official presentation of the Ancillotti's Historic Register and of the Club Ancilloi Scarab took place on the weekend of 25/26 november 1995 during the exposition Mostra Scambio of Novegro in Milan. Since the first year the Club Ancillotti Scarab boasted several hundred members spread all over the country, from Sicily to Lombardy, and obviously in Tuscany. Every year the Ancillotti's Historic Register and the Club Ancillotti Scarab organize the Ancillotti Day, a weekend during which all motorcycle's owners, old pilots and  motorcycle branded Ancillotti' lovers  gather to show their motorcycles, have fun and evoke their epic battles. The first Ancillotti's Day took place in Tuscany on 02 June 1996 in the country of Consuma, near Florence, in the Fattoria della Consuma, thanks to the Frescobaldi's family and the architect Andreoli. The Ancillotti's Historic Register's aim is to provide, to all the fans, the technical support to restore Ancillotti's motorcycles through the documentation obtained over the years like datasheets,  colour charts and stickers. The Historic Register thanks for the collaboration Piero and Alberto Ancillotti, the magazine "Motociclismo", the magazine "Motocross" and all those woh  have enabled to recreate through pictures and various documents the production's chronology of Ancillotti's Motorcycles from 1967 to 1985. In 2020 the Ancillotti Motorcycle's  Parent Company, Ancillotti's brand owner, published the new instrument of incorporation and the status of Club Ancillotti Scarab for affiliation to the F.M.I., the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana. The office of president  is assumed by Alfredo Gramitto Ricci, Club Ancillotti Scarab founder.

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