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moto cross ancillotti motorcycles brand made in italy firenze marchio storico 1967

The company Ancillotti Meccanica was born in Florence in 1907, established by Ernesto Ancillotti. The son Gualtiero, following his father footsteps, opened his own shop, the G. Ancillotti, in Via Santa Monica 6/8 rosso, situated in the historic quarter of San Frediano in Florence. Inside his shop he realized some changes on the WLA, the famous Harley Davidson of the time, making elastic the once rigid chassis of this motorcycle. It was 1948 and for the time it was a revolutionary and advanced innovation. In te 60's the G. Ancillotti pursed successfully to the realisation of scooter and road bike, but the spark which took to the realisation of cross bike was the creation of the Beta Camoscio 50 c.c., "the numember one" as it was nicknamed by Ancillotti's family. This first cross bike was transformed by the G. Ancillotty company with special parts built directly in a traditional way: were built sand-cast head and cylinder, were used the best suspensions of the time, Ceriani's front and back , and were put  offroad pneumatics. After this first success Gualtiero Ancillotti changed to the production of motors and mechanical parts to improve the capability of the heads, cylinders and other offroad motor's accessories. Also the modifications carried out on the offroad motors were intresting: to remember the Ancillotti 60 c.c. Velocità's beautyful fairing, feed and tail. The Florence motorcycle weren't known only in italy. The Ancillotti's brand infact was known also abroad: in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Switzerland,Spain, France and Finland (to remember Kari Tiainien, himself declared during an interwiew that one of his motorcycle was an Ancillotti). Markets that gave many sodisfactions to ur Florence's friends in terms of sales and sport results. From 1968 to 1971 took turns pilots such as Roberto Rogai, Giovanni Landi, Paolo Cozzi, Adami, Birbes,Paolo Corona, F. Melloni, Missio, Alberto Ancillotti him self, Piani, A. Micozzi and many others that won in ragularity and cross competitions both at regional and national level. From 1972 to 1975-76, we can remember pilots like: Pietro Polini (champion of italy)  in the class 50, with motors Sachs and Hiro; Giancarlo Curradi in the cross, class 125 ( champion of Italy in 1971 and in 1973), to remember his presence during  world championship of 1973, final of the Prix FIM in Zabok, Yugoslavia, when he was forced to retire himself due to the break of "his" chain Favorit; the equally famous Giovanni Landi; L. Picco; Franco Picco; Dal Brun (champion of Italy in 1976); Lolli; Santi (champion of Italy in 1975); Pietro Caccia ( third overall and gold medal in the class 50cc at the Sei giorni in 1976); Marco Barca in the trial 125; Roberto and Luigi Rogai in regular competitions; Walter Reggioli in regular competitions, class 50; Maurizio Morganti champion og Italy trial 125 in 1977; Aroni; R. Cancelli; G.P Findanno; F. Meoni; M. Parrini; Pelanconi; R. Rogai; Tironzelli; Tommy Holson  and too many others to be listed in such a closed space.

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